Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ello Hudukide illada devara...

One thing I want to talk about is...

If you are happy inside, everything outside seems to be bright, but if you are feeling bad, everything outside seems to be against you though you are in heaven...Is it not ?

You might have seen some people suddenly become talkative who have not been talking for quite some time, suddenly start phoning and ask abt your well being...suddenly start messaging 3-4 msgs... here will be a sense of accomplishment in their heart, let it be completinon of assignment, the tough boss got transferred ; ), a new place, a new job anything which brings happyness for that matter...

That's why the poet says
Ello hudukide illada devara Kallu mannugala gudiyolage
Ille iruva preethi snehagala guruthisadadenu nammolage...Awesome poem...I like it very much
atleast thrice a week I listen to this song...

let's slightly deviate from what we talked above...

Each and every one of us at every moment win/lose Is it not...
and each one of us are always in search of something and it may not be reflected in day to day activities...but I'm sure that we are search of something which we do not know... unbelievable right ? believe it.

See you soon,

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A kick start to blogging - Karmanye vadhikarasthe Maphaleshu Kadachana

I'm little bit relaxed since it's transition period for me...moving on from Novell

An enough today
Myself - Vishwanath from Sagar, my near and dear ones call me 'Vishu'.
Gopali - Gopalkrishna Bhat, one of my room mates in Havyaka hostel, very dynamic fellow...The one who wrote the daring stmt "Don't get disturbed" on our room door !!! currently works for GE
Made - Mahesh hegde, another room mate works for Bosch
Bavayya - Ganesh L.D. My cousin staying with me from the last 3 years works for AMCC
Dinky - Shriharsha, another roommate from Sagar works for Span systems
KK - Krishna Kishore Kammaje, a good friend of mine currently in US works for Wipro

Having intro in place,
I've not been in touch with any of the above friends from the last 2 weeks except Bavayya.

I just sent a mail to KK asking abt his well being..
I canceled my transition ppt which was scheduled in the afternoon because of hunger ; ) Now no room is empty to present...thinking of doing it in my cubicle...

This is my first blogging experience bear with me if there are any boring contents...
I liked the blog KK posted the other day at, I would like to blog like that and trying to do so...

Ok let's talk something about Universal know where it's hidden ?
It's all there in Bhagavadgeetha...I like the famous stmt(suggest some word) "Karmanye vadhikarasthe Maphaleshu Kadachana" from Bhagavadgeetha.
I've heard that all management skills are described in 'Karma yoga' of Bhagavadgeetha. Try reading it once...I hardly know Sanskrit ; )
According to me all the things exist in the world are related to one another...Let it be emotions, happyness, beauty, true colour of some one anything for that matter... and I believe that each and every one of our genes which is the basis for everything we do can be modified by the environment around us.

see you soon,