Friday, September 30, 2011

traditional Vs modern/s*xyz

just blabbering something here...not that i realized it now, but thought of texting while hearing a song sulla, malla, kalla...

looks like traditional is more related with just a singing, audio, saree, temple, planned etc etc.

modern/s*xyz is more related with "ho saina ho saina saina ho"...:-) beach, shorts, vdeo, item, 1/4th sleeves(not half sleeves sorry) etc etc. is it not ! I was wondering in 50s what was so modern then, or modernization is westernization ? if we say so dhushyantha & shakunthala might debate !

good night,
Vish U

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thrilling moment !

U know what ? ....

It was a thrilling moment when I saw two numbers being added and got diplayed on the screen.
yeah, that's my first own hand written 'C' program !!!
I literally said "Wow" in my college lab which looked like a temple and even we use to remove our
slippers/shoes while entering.

After glancing through Samy's book, I got confused, whether its' a business logic. wherever I see, lot of business related programs as
examples, mean, median, avg, sales etc etc. luckily not anything on shares!

Let's 'C' examples was bit tough u know, complex logic at that time :-) Other books na na.
"let me study on first internals first" then the other books/examples. oh! I have to do some design for my workshop (carpentry). Black body radiation, boring.....zzzzzzz.... did not
understand a para either. I still do not know, how to "Imagine a electron in an infinitely depth well, but there is a probability of having that electron outside the well".

The one on Sin(theta)* was every body's by heart, not sure whether there already a techy existed and got the Sin(theta) logic

*Disclaimer: please read it as that of sign. the company/individual is not responsible for any wrong pronunciation.

GCD/rational numbers again set of steps, any tweak in that, we were mum.

I never thought about whether my sin(theta) program is giving the correct output for all the
theta values, who cares !. if it got compliled and asked user input to enter theta, that itself was a
pat on the back(big back! ). even otherwise, just copy and paste during regular lab hours!

I now see LKG/UKG (pre-KG ?) children doing project and drawing graphs using excel which we had a chance to look at
in our 4th sem. I pity :-(

I still remember, we strived to get the output as "VTU BELGAUM" as a combined string
after being overloaded those two words. oh! C++ lot of concepts is it ? ney...ney..ask Lalith,
he would say it's easy and he tried to do each and every program with so called Object !

You know what normal program is ?
I know it. I remember when our 'Data structure' master/teacher asked us to write a simple C program to display the filled structure, one guy stood up and said 'here it is'. "I said to write a simple C program, what these pointers, where they are coming from ? "

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's shame on those who spread these kind of news

Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi refused to put on a 'skull cap' offered by a Muslim cleric during his 3-day sadbhavana fast -- PERFECTLY ALRIGHT.

This is not at all a issue, it's his personal choice. The one who has a dream to unite the nation irrespective of the religion, need not be in every religion's costume and dancing in public. It's a shame on those who spread this as an issue. First you (news or any other) learn what to make as a news in public. It's not a neighbor hood rumor. !!! It's a shame on YOU.

Monday, September 05, 2011

I liked these, hw abt u ?

Resonsibility is an executing strength - people high in Responsibility want things done right - or they don't want their name associated with it. It's very important to them that their work is seen as high quality and valuable. Making mistakes is very hard for them, and they will go to the ends of the earth to make amends. You can rely on people who are high in Responsibility to do what they say they are going to do - which also makes this a relationship building strength - trust is an essential

Woo is an influencing strength - people high in Woo (Winning Others Over) have never met a stranger and love to to "work the room" at a party or event. While they may make contact with others, it's not the same as deepening a relationship (like Relator would like). They are often extroverts who are happy to engage with others to achieve a desired outcome (win them over). People high in Woo might be seen as the life of the party, or extremely charming. They are influential because we like them

Focus is an executing strength - people high in Focus have a clear sense of where they are going, and why. They avoid paths that won't get them to the desired destination and help keep the team on track. Focus is a medium frequency strength, meaning that less than 20% of the population has it in their top 10. Therefore, it's very important that you learn how to communicate the benefits of Focus so that you are valued for your ability to delivery a single-minded approach to your work.

Strategic is a strategic thinking strength - people high in Strategic have the ability to connect the dots, to find pathways otherwise hidden to those around them. They are the ones navigating the ship to a desired landing spot, avoiding disasters and resistance. They can see consequences (good or bad) that others might miss.

Positivity is a relationship building strength - people high in Positivity see the glass as overflowing! They help us find a silver lining when we can't see one. It's a relationship building strength because we like to be around positive people. Positivity is contagious - when things are going wrong, and things will often go wrong, these wonderful people can see a bright outcome that we wouldn't recognize on our own. We need these cheerful people!

Analytical is a Thinking strength - people high in Analytical often prefer facts to dialogue in order to make a decision. "Just the facts, please" would be the mantra of a person high in Analytical. Naturally, there are lots of opportunities for Analytical to be helpful - they take action on data, not on emotion. Logical is how many are described. Analytical is a medium frequency strength, meaning that less than 20% of the population has it.

Adaptability is a relationship building strength - people high in Adaptability are seen as easy going, able to go with the flow, and not upset when schedules or plans change. Lots of journalists are high in Adaptability - they thrive on the fact that every day is different. It helps build relationships because people feel comfortable around you because you are flexible and reassuring. Adaptability is a medium frequency strength meaning that less than 20% of the population has it in their top 10.

Activator is an influencing strength - people high in Activator can fire up a project that is stalled, inspire people to take action, and might generally be seen as impatient. Activator is a medium frequency strength, meaning that less than 20% of the population has it. Therefore, if you have Activator, make sure you communicate it to others. Something like, "I'll feel better once we get moving," or "I might seem impatient at times - but I'm great at moving the ball forward."

Achiever is an executing strength - it's how we get things done. It's also a high-frequency strength, meaning that many people have this strength in their top 10. Many Achievers have a hard time taking time off, make long to-do lists, and no matter what they did yesterday, it doesn't count today. If you're an Achiever, it can be hard to make time for your own personal well-being.