Friday, December 29, 2006

2000 steps to climb-up 7 hills...


I'll come to your place 2 days after.

I'm in a send off party in Andromeda.
Please book my daily pass to wander around the world for 1 year. First I'll land in eastern countries and then visit western countries.
I've lots of better hopes, better opportunities, better dreams, better time exclusively for you.
we'll talk more when I'm there.
I've windows vista wallpapers(full of nature photography). Sample is shown above.
Click here to download full list of wallpapers.

P.S.: I'm conducting a session on "Matter Time and Space theory" soon.



Enigma said...

Andromeda. galaxy?

Vish said...

Yes Andromeda is a galaxy.
The assumption is Andromeda would already have seen 2007 andthis new year is yet to come to Milky way...