Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Question booklet...

1. Why wh questions are called wife & husband questions ?

2. People angrily say Go to Hell, but when they are happy and content why don't they say Go to Heaven ?

3. Was there a beginning for this world and the Time ? ( I know that you ask me to refer Brief History of Time but I'm asking your opinion)

4. Why TVs, Monitors are square in shape ?

5. Why people are so crazy about Diamond, Gold and Silver, though these are just rarely found on earth ?

6. Why a very few people say 'just' is a bad word ?

7. Apart from Biological,Nuclear weapons why can't there be something else to protect ourselves ?

8. Which is the worlds fastest/smartest super computer ?

9. Where do you store beliefs in your brain ? (People say Hypothalamous is responsible for this activity, the other part is responsible for some other activities like hand movement/eye movement)

10. Was the first 'C' compiler written in assembly, then in which language the first assembler was written ? Was it a machine code 'a series of 1s and 0s' ?

11. What's the significance of Z-state in electronics ? we have heard of ON state i.e., 1 and OFF state i.e., 0. Why can't we store z-state so that all of our computer operates in tertiary mode instead of binary mode !!!

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