Wednesday, February 07, 2007



As and when I come across Values, It reminds me about my earlier company I worked for i.e., Novell. Novell is a great company to work with in terms of its values, its open culture and its technology orientation. I had worked under good managers over there who were supportive, friendly and open minded.

You might ask yourself a question, what this guy is trying to say...
All of us have some values, inbuilt values :) (ofcourse good values) with which we were born. Over a period of time there might be some circumstances where we have to sacrifice these values for money, prestige or some other illegal && unethical activities...But never ever do that. Don't sacrifice your values for any of the above mentioned. Originality(and of course the same word with little bit tweek) is the strength... take it from me. Respecting your inborn values has got a long term benefit and has a profit year on year.

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